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Kennesaw State University Dining Hall - LEED Gold Certification

The Kennesaw State University New Dining Hall was awarded LEED Gold Certification under
the LEED New Construction rating system, version 2.2. This includes 4(of 5 possible) points
in the Water Efficiency category, 12(of 15 possible) points in the Indoor Environmental Quality
category and 5(of 5 possible) points in the Innovation & Design Process category. Water use
was reduced by 45% and the proposed design of the building generates a 17% cost savings
for energy use. To date, this is the largest LEED Gold certified Dining Hall in the country; the
total building area is approxmately 50,000sf.
Congratulations to the Education Studio of the LDD Atlanta office for their work.

KSU Dining Hall Publications :

Go Fish - LEED Certification

The Georgia State Department of Natural Resources Headquarters Building for the Division of
Wildlife Resources has received a Gold Certification under the LEED, U.S. Green Building Council
rating system.  The project received 40 points out of the 41 points that were submitted including
4 points for Innovation in Design. Congratulations to the Government Studio of the LDD Atlanta
office for designing this project including Ben Starks, Jonathan Gibbs, Frank Lyle (LEED AP),
Krista Igou (LEED AP) and Jessica Lawrence.  
Selections of the critical LEED certified interior finishes were provided by Louise Labus, Principal
and Director of our Interior Design Studio

Go Fish Official Web site & Publication:
Georgia State Department of Natural Resources - Go Fish Education Center

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