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The Sweetbay Supermarket At Meres Town Center - LEED Gold Certification

In August of 2010, The Sweetbay Supermarket at Meres Town Center located in Tarpon Springs,
Florida was the first ever “Sweetbay” awarded LEED Gold Certification anywhere in the United States.
Through hard work, strong on-site management and good record keeping, the entire team of
management, designers and engineers were able to achieve this Certification for a community that
truly understands, appreciates and supports sustainable design. Lyman Davidson Dooley’s Design
Team and their engineers provided technical input, various strategies and calculations along with
fast-tracking any necessary changes in the design to solidify a design that would sustain the test of time.
The Developer Team at AG and DeBartolo was instrumental in helping to achieve the Gold Certification
through their engineering work that supported the site credits. Marcobay Construction’s outstanding
management and project documentation of materials and recycling as well as management of all the
trades throughout the project helped to verify points for Certification.
The LEED Consultant – Judah Rubin with Pro-Ject International helped guide the team to think “outside”
the box to make design decisions that made financial sense allowing the team to measure the building’s
long-term performance. This successful Team collaboration will help Sweetbay and our other clients
make well-informed decisions on their future designs and ensure that sustainable design can successfully
serve a community.

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